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What size should I order:

TAKING YOUR MEASUREMENTS: Bust: Wearing your best fitting unpadded bra, measure around your chest at the fullest point of your breast. The tape measure should be snug but not tight making sure to keep it level all the way around. Waist: Measure around your normal waist, where the waist band of a good fitting pair of pants normally sits, making sure not to pull the tape measure too tightly. Hips: Depending on height this is around 4-5 inches below your waist. Make sure not to pull the tape measure to tightly. Tips On Getting The Best Fit When deciding on a size to order it is best to look at the fit of the garment. See where the garment is the most form fitting and choose a size, which matches your own personal measurements at that area. If a garment is relatively loose fitting this is not as important as when a garment has a more body contouring design. If your measurements put you on the high end of a size it is usually best to order the next size up.

Size Chart:

Size Bust Waist Hips Dress Size

1X 39-42 31-34 41-44 14-16

2X 42-45 34-37 44-47 18-20

3X 45-48 37-40 47-50 22-24

4X 48-51 40-43 50-52 24-26

5X 51-54 43-46 53-56 26-28

6X 54-57 46-50 56-60 28-30

Finding Your Bra Size Put on your best fitting unpadded bra. Measure tightly around the body, directly under the bust, making sure the tape is straight across the back. If measurement is an odd number, add 5”, if measurement is an even number, add 6”. This is your frame size.

Measure directly across the fullest part of the bust – with your arms at your sides and standing straight. Subtract your frame size from this measurement. This difference is your cup Size. If measurement difference is: Up to 1’ larger than frame size your cup size is :A Up to 2" larger than frame size your cup size is B Up to 3" larger than frame size your cup size is C Up to 4" larger than frame size your cup size is D Up to 5" larger than frame size your cup size is DD Up to 6" larger than frame size your cup size is DDD

Finding Corset Size To Properly Size A Corset: You need to know your bra size and waist measurement. Usually, you buy our corset the same size as the number of your bra. Example: a bra size of 38C wears a size 38. There are two exceptions. First a DD cup size automatically goes up one number size. Example: a 38DD wears a size 40 corset. Second, if the waist is not approximately 8 inches smaller than the bra number, you may need to go up one size. Example: a 38C bra and waist of 34 inches. A size 40 would provide a better fit at the waist.

Garter Belt Size Chart

X-Large 32" - 35"

2X 34" - 38"

3X 36" - 40"

4X 38" - 42"

5X 42" - 46"