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Leather / Vinyl

Plus Size Black Leather Corset

Fetish play, bondage and domination. They're downright kinky. If you and your partner enjoy this type of intimacy, we've got what you're looking for.

Check out our current selection of leather and vinyl lingerie items. Chances are you'll end up with a dirty little plan running through your mind for what you're going to do with your latest Lacey Jayde purchase. Maybe it involves plus size leather corsets and a pair of handcuffs. Go ahead, let your mind run wild and browse our selection of leather and vinyl lingerie.


Black is the Color

The best color for leather and vinyl items?  Classic black. Whether you like to dominate your partner a little or a lot, black is the perfect color to set the mood. Luckily, our selection of plus size leather and vinyl lingerie includes plenty of items in black. Especially with leather and vinyl, black is a sexy color that’s perfect for whatever you’re looking to get into with your partner tonight.

Browse our current selection of plus size leather corsets, intimate leather, vinyl lingerie and whatever else interests you and your inner seductress. You will definitely find what you’re looking for to keep your nights to die for.


Corsets and More

Black Leather Lace Up Gloves EML9891

Looking for plus size leather corsets? We have those. Looking for black leather lace up gloves and a whip to match? We have both of those too. It’s all right here, and you can explore your options all in one place.

No matter what your ideas are for you and your partner’s next encounter, you will find what you need at Lacey Jayde. If you’re searching for something to spice things up, you can find it here. If you’re dying to create a reality out of your sexiest fantasies, all you need is here. Lacey Jayde provides you everything you need to make the perfect intimate moments happen, no matter what the occasion is.


Your Leather will be Yours Faster

We exclusively maintain and ship from our own inventory. This means that whatever plus size leather corsets and lingerie items you fall in love with today will be at your doorstep sooner than if you chose to buy online elsewhere. It’s that simple!