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Thigh Highs Stockings

Looking for something sexy to wear in the bedroom? When your partner sees you in a pair of our plus size thigh high stockings, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the attention you’re getting. Sexy thigh high stockings are a great addition to sensual lingerie ensembles. The plus size thigh high stockings from Lacey Jayde Lingerie are specially designed to accentuate the sensual, tempting curves of the plus size female physique.  

Thigh High Stockings Plus Size

Find Great Styles

Our thigh high stockings come in several great styles. In our online store you’ll find fishnet stockings, diamond net stockings, lace net and back seam stockings and more. These pieces come in a variety of classic lingerie colors, including: red, white, black and pink. If you’re looking for a broad selection of colors, check out our Queen Size Sheer Thigh Hi Stockings that come in exotic lingerie colors such as powder blue, lilac, burgundy, turquoise, gold and purple.      

Accentuate Your Curves

We believe plus size lingerie comes in two varieties: the kind designed to cover up, and the kind designed to reveal. At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, we think that female curves are a central aspect of feminine beauty, and are meant to be celebrated. That’s one reason why we carry a diverse line of lingerie and other kinds of erotic clothing for curvy women. If you fear trying on lingerie because you think it won’t fit you the way it should, it’s time to slip into some sexy lingerie from us.   

Thigh High Stockings Plus Size

Get Great Prices

The cost of lingerie ranges from affordable to exorbitantly expensive. Pieces from Lacey Jayde Lingerie are priced to make them affordable for practically everyone. For under five dollars, you can get a pair of our plus size thigh high stockings. You can also find similar deals on other kinds of clothing we sell. If you want to treat yourself to the gift of nice lingerie, you can do it affordably when you shop at Lacey Jayde Lingerie.

Create a Wardrobe

Because our prices are so affordable, why not order several pieces from our online store to create a special wardrobe of erotic clothing? Part of the sex appeal of lingerie stems from its novelty. The more sexy outfits you have to wear in the bedroom, the more each outfit will retain its novel appeal. If your lingerie drawer only has a few pieces of sexy attire, take advantage of our excellent prices and put together several outfits that reveal your inner sexy self.       

Thigh High Stockings Plus Size

Start Dressing Sexier

If you’re looking for stylish, plus size thigh high stockings, Lacey Jayde Lingerie is the place to find them. We carry plus size thigh high stockings in a variety of great styles and colors, and price them to make them affordable on almost any budget. If you need to refresh your lingerie drawer with new stockings, check out the great styles and prices in our online store. To place an order, call us today at (800) 760-6380, or use the payment gateway located on our website.