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A teddy is a piece of lingerie that combines the look of a camisole and a pair of panties in one piece. One of the most popular styles of erotic clothing in the world, a teddy can be worn for a variety of romantic occasions. If you think your lingerie wardrobe needs a new addition, why not get a teddy from Lacey Jayde Lingerie?

Pick Your Pieces

We carry several sexy teddy designs, including: opaque long sleeve teddy, decorative lace teddy and fishnet teddy, to name a few. The more sexy pieces you have in your lingerie drawer, the more novelty the pieces will retain over time. Whether you’re looking for a sultry long sleeve teddy or a soft black lace teddy, we have exactly what you need to add some much-needed variety to your erotic wardrobe.

Pair With Other Pieces

Compared to some types of lingerie, one of the nice things about teddies is how versatile they are when paired with other pieces of erotic clothing, such as hosiery, garter belts and sexy socks. Like your everyday wardrobe, your lingerie wardrobe should include pieces that can be used to create a variety of looks. Teddies help you do this by covering your middle body and leaving the rest of your curves to be clothed in a variety of other sensual lingerie pieces.  A teddy from Lacey Jayde makes a fun addition to your collection, and can be easily with combined with other pieces to create exciting, unique looks to excite you and your partner.

Accentuate Your Curves

Lacey Jayde Lingerie sells erotic clothing for women who have gorgeous curves to show off. If you’re a full-figured lady, you’ll love the way our teddies accentuate your natural assets. And so will your lover. Our lingerie is designed to be worn and enjoyed, so don’t be afraid to get wild. With prices as low as ours, you can always order another piece if the first one becomes a casualty of a wild night in the bedroom.

Pay Low Prices

Some people don’t mind spending a small fortune on lingerie, but there’s no need to do it when you can shop at Lacey Jayde Lingerie. We know that lingerie can play an important role in your love life. That’s one reason why we’re dedicated to offering erotic clothing at excellent prices. Every woman deserves to bring out the sexy self she dreams of being. A long sleeve teddy and black lace teddy will both cost you under $20! Considering how great our teddies look when you slip them on, these prices are tough to beat.

Start Dressing Sexier

While we certainly wouldn’t insist on keeping your clothes on in bed, having the right outfit can really do wonders when the moment is right. If you’re looking for steamy excitement and fun, and want a new sexy something for your partner to help take off, a Teddy is a great idea. There’s no reason for any woman not to feel like her sexy best in her bedroom, and we believe our lingerie can help you see a sexier you anytime you look in the mirror. Order today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.