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When you think of sexy clothing, socks probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But when you check out our selection of bobbi socks, opaque knee high socks and other sensual sock styles, we think your perspective might undergo a shift. If you have a lingerie wardrobe that applies to every part of your body but your feet, it’s sort of like wearing a suit with no shoes. With our socks on your feet, your sexy looking lingerie ensembles will look complete.

Choose Your Look

Our sexy socks come in several great styles, including: ankle socks with ruffle and bow, ankle socks with ruffle trim, bobbi socks and opaque knee high socks. In addition to looking sexy on their own, these socks can be easily paired with other lingerie pieces. We offer sexy socks to help you complete a roleplaying outfit that needs that last touch. One thing is certain: Our sensual socks are made for more than just keeping your feet warm.  

Pair With Other Pieces

Available in colors such as red, white, pink and black, our socks can be easily paired with a variety of pieces from our online store, such as teddies, corsets, hosiery and more. In fact, buying just a few pairs of our versatile socks may give enough pairs to match them with the other sexy pieces you have in your lingerie drawer. Of course, you can always stock up and create your own erotic sock collection, which is a great idea if you have lots of lingerie outfits.      

Prepare to Save

Adult clothing such as corsets, sheer bodystockings and sexy socks are often sold at a premium compared to everyday clothing. At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, we believe that people’s sex lives shouldn’t put a strain on their budget, and that everyone deserves fun and excitement in the bedroom. That’s one reason why we’re committed to offering erotic attire at prices that are tough to beat. Buying our socks doesn’t have to be a special occasion. You can get all the pairs you need without breaking the bank.

Get Several Pairs

Our socks are sold at such affordable prices that many people can afford to stock up on them. If you routinely wear adult erotic clothing like the kind in our online store, having extra pairs of socks on hand is a good idea. Like normal socks, sexy socks eventually wear out. The more pairs you have, the longer each pair is likely to last, and the more variety you’ll have when it comes to pairing them with other pieces. Take advantage of our low prices and stock up!   

Start Dressing Sexier

If you have a lingerie wardrobe that stops at your ankles, it’s time to buy socks from Lacey Jayde Lingerie. We sell a great variety of bobbi socks, opaque knee socks and other sock creations that are available in several colors. If your romantic partner has a leg fetish, our socks that accentuate your calves and ankles could be just what you need. Place your order today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.