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Looking to spice things up? Lacey Jayde Lingerie has a great selection of plus size panty hose for women with curves. We love curves. In a culture where boney runway models have long been considered the epitome of female beauty, we believe in celebrating the curvaceous, full-figured woman in all her glory. Everybody (and every body) has sexy qualities. At Lacey Jayde, we’re here to help you find those qualities and bring them out to the front, for you and your partner to enjoy.

plus size pantyhose

Choose Your Look

One of the nice things about pantyhose is that they come in various styles; the plus size pantyhose in our online store are no exception. Choose between diamond net suspender pantyhose, fishnet crotchless pantyhose, French cut pantyhose and lace suspender pantyhose, to name a few. Whether you need new pantyhose for everyday wear or pantyhose that will light your partner’s fuse, you’ll find the pieces you need in our online store.  

Wear Them Anywhere

The goal of our sexy lingerie is to make you look hot enough to melt a candle, but some of our hosiery can be worn around town and not just in the bedroom. For example, in addition to traditional plus size pantyhose, we also carry plus size support pantyhose that provide extra support in areas where you need it most. What’s more, these hose look nothing like typical support hose. Slip them on and feel sexy and confident no matter where you are.

plus size pantyhose

Find Great Prices

Some pairs of pantyhose cost a small fortune, but you won’t find anything so expensive in our online store. Instead of charging the highest prices possible, we set prices low and earn a profit through volume selling. We’ve found that offering great prices does more than save people money; it also turns them into repeat customers. After you check out the prices and quality of our pantyhose, we feel confident that we’ll become your one stop source for sexy hosiery.  

Get Several Pairs

Pantyhose aren’t like nice dresses; women often buy multiple pieces at a time. If you need several pairs of sexy, plus size pantyhose, our online store is the place to get them. Thanks to our great prices, you can fill up your virtual shopping cart with pantyhose in tons of great styles and colors, and still have money leftover for other lingerie. Whether your old pantyhose need replacing or you need to add more sex appeal below the waist, our hosiery is what you need.     

plus size pantyhose

Start Dressing Sexier

Pantyhose are a fashion staple in the wardrobes of women throughout the world. Often used to create a classic look, pantyhose can also be worn to channel sex appeal. At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, this is the type of pantyhose we sell. While you could certainly wear some of our pantyhose with everyday attire, hosiery that is best worn in the bedroom is our forte. Place your order today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.