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Garter / Suspender Stockings

A garter belt with suspender stockings: is there anything more quintessentially sexy? It’s the ultimate lingerie classic, and it isn’t that way by chance. There’s something irresistible about a woman who shows off her thighs and buttocks by wearing sheer stockings and a garter belt that holds them in place. There’s just something provocative about the sight of a woman’s long legs and hips, all framed in lace and softness. Don’t believe us? Just order one of our garter belts plus size styles and wear it for a night of fun. We think you’ll agree that a garter belt and stockings are the stuff of steamy romance.

Garter Belts Plus Size

Choose Your Own Look

Lacey Jayde Lingerie carries a decadent selection of garter belt and stocking outfits to help you create your unique sexy look. Choose from black sheer suspender pantyhose, bow lace suspender pantyhose, black fishnet suspender pantyhose and much more. Find the style that best accentuates your curvaceous physique and makes you feel like the ravishing woman you are. And as much as your partner will love when you put it on, you’ll love it even more when he takes it off.  

Add Variety to Your Closet

Many women who buy our lingerie already have a few things in their closet. But, we’re willing to bet you have room for a bit more. Conservative pieces of lingerie have their place, but if you’re looking to spice up your private life, you’ll need something bold, sensual...classic. We don’t mind admitting it: our garter belts plus size styles are designed to evoke the kind of heat that leaves no inch of skin uncarressed.

Feel Confident About Curves

plus size suspender stockings

There are probably as many styles of lingerie as there are styles of sexy: everyone is different, and everyone has something about them that makes them sexy. Our lingerie is designed to help you find whatever it is that helps you feel like “you” in the bedroom. Sadly, so many women don’t believe that they’re worthy of the kind of adoration and desire that a bold pair of stockings and garter belt inevitably evokes. At a time when the paradigm of female beauty is shifting, expanding, exploding with new diversity and embracing the classically curvaceous female figure, there’s no reason for any woman to be shy about her body. Enough hiding. Start showing off your curves with our garter belts plus size styles!   

Never Overpay for Lingerie

Some pieces of lingerie cost as much as the couture dress you wear over it, but you won’t find those lofty price tags in our online store. Instead, you’ll see high-quality, affordable lingerie pieces to suit whatever mood might strike you. Spending a lot to look great permeates the fashion world, but a piece from Lacey Jayde gives you all the allure of a designer style without breaking the bank. Our garter belt and plus size suspender stockings never fail to turn heads, without straining your budget.    

Garter Belts Plus Size

Start Feeling Sexier

Whether you need a sexy outfit for a special occasion or you simply want to spice up your daily love life, picking out your garter belt andplus size suspender stockings is sure to do the trick. Don’t hide those sensational curves when you want to be seen. Make him (or her!) look. Order today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.