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Garter Belts

Garter belts were once essential pieces of clothing. Before the invention of elastic, garters were worn around the knee and waist to keep hosiery in place. Today, garter belts are seldom worn for their original purpose, but they’ve found new life in the wardrobes of sexy women around the globe. We just know our plus size garters to spice up your love life, just like they’ve done for all of our customers! You’ve come to the right place. Lacey Jayde Lingerie has garter belt plus size styles designed exclusively for curvy, sexy ladies.

garter belt plus size

Sexy Styles

We carry a sumptuous collection garter belt plus size styles, including lace garters, satin garters and mesh garters. We also carry thong garter belts and garter belt and bra combinations. We’re sure that there is a garter belt that perfectly suits your looks and taste, and we’re here to help you find it. Regardless of which style you choose, one thing is certain: your partner will love how you look in your new garters and garter belt, and you’ll love how you feel in them.    

Sensual Colors

What color of lingerie best evokes romantic desire? Black, red, blue, pink or white? The answer might be different for everyone, but why not try them all? Purchase our plus size garters in each of these colors and answer the question for yourself. Finding the right color can turn a skimpy piece of lingerie into empowering armor, instilling the kind of confidence in its wearer that draws eyes and adoration. Black and white garters speak to sophisticated sex appeal, but nothing screams “heat” like red lingerie. Lighter colors like blue and pink bring a more fun, relaxed vibe to the bedroom, and are great for pairing with similar colors of cosmetics and accessories.

garter belt plus size

Great Additions

A garter belt and stockings can transform a simple bra and panties into a devastating display. If you have a sexy lingerie ensemble that seems to be missing a final piece, try slipping into one of Lacey Jayde Lingerie’s plus size garter belts. Our sexy garters can be used to jazz up almost any kind of ensemble, giving you that sensual aura that’s hard to resist. If you’ve already got a lingerie collection then you already know: a garter belt is truly a must have.         

garter belt plus size

Excellent Price

If you can’t decide on one type of garter belt, why not buy every belt that catches your eye? At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, our prices are so affordable that you can literally get multiple pieces for what you would pay for a single piece from another seller. Operating as an online business helps us save money, and we’re happy to share the savings with our customers in the form of great prices. When you buy from us, you pay an affordable price without sacrificing product quality.    

Start Dressing Sexier

You don’t have to have a certain kind of body to enjoy dressing in foxy lingerie. At Lacey Jayde we believe that the sexiest trait you can show is being comfortable in your own skin. We want our lingerie to help you and your partner enjoy each other and each other’s bodies. At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, we cater to women who know their curves are an essential part of their sex appeal. If this describes you, order our lingerie today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.