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Of course you’ve got stockings. Of course you’ve got pantyhose. A staple of professional and personal attire, here at Lacey Jayde we like to take the stocking and do something exciting with it. A bodystocking, as the name might imply, is a bodysuit made of the same sheer material as your stockings. The garment is light, comfortable, and sure to be a delightful surprise to your partner. Lacey Jayde Lingerie is so pleased to present a plus size bodystocking that promises to make the very most out of your curves.

plus size bodystocking

Sensual Styles

When you order a plus size bodystocking from us, you have plenty of styles to choose from, including: fishnet, stretch lace, bow lace, striped, diamond net, and more. Regardless of the style you choose, wearing it won’t leave much to your partner’s imagination. Ourplus size bodystocking gives you that tantalizing “revealed-yet-restrained” effect, and represents a bold departure from the norm. If you’re searching for a lingerie piece that stands out from the lace-and-satin crowd, a bodystocking might be just the thing.     

Diverse Looks

The right lingerie piece clothes you in your own sex appeal. It helps you be the sexiest version of yourself that you want to be. At Lacey Jayde Lingerie, we sell pieces that mix classy and adventurous sensibilities, and can be dressed up with additional pieces of lingerie or worn just as they are. Partial nudity is can be exciting for many couples, and a see-through bodystocking certainly takes a unique spin on the concept!    

plus size bodystocking

Such a Tease...

Our plus size bodystocking might take a few seconds to put on, but you might be surprised how little time it’ll take your partner to get you out of it. The combination of absolute nudity with total concealment is a near-irresistible effect that will provoke only the most desirous responses from a partner. Wear the bodystocking on its own for a full effect, or conceal it under “normal” clothes for a fun tease and reveal you’ll both be sure to remember.

Curve Friendly

Our lingerie is designed exclusively to accentuate the alluring curves of the natural female physique. If you haven’t had much luck finding lingerie that really brings out your best self, try on a plus size bodystocking from Lacey Jayde Lingerie. We know you’ve heard it before, but we know a woman’s body. Don’t believe us? Try on one of our bodystockings and find out for yourself!

plus size bodystocking

Start Feeling Sexier

Looking for a new way to bring it in the bedroom? A new look is a fine place to start. Lacey Jayde Lingerie has all the tantalizing lingerie pieces you need to take the temperature to the limit next time you and your partner find yourselves alone together. Make sure you and your partner are ready for it. If you’ve never donned a sexy bodystocking, treat your lover (and yourself!) to a fun new look tonight. Place your order today by calling (800) 760-6380 or using the payment gateway located on our website.